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ponte occulte océanique éponges

DISCOVERED in the Aegean period, the ponte occulte océanique éponges survived the Bronze Age to be discovered by the Aztec peoples in 200 BC.


SCIENTISTS believe that these magnificent specimens were an important part of the food chain of the Pachycephalosaurus dinosaurs in les temps anciens. Ingested exclusively in the third week of life, the ponte occulte océanique éponges remained in the pyloric canal of the secondary stomach for 33 and ½ months before being excreted through the belly button.


DEPOSITED in the earth’s crust, the ponte occulte océanique éponges imbedded the tectonic plates where it remained for millennia transforming forms and transferring energies.


EXHIBITED for 3000 years in the International Museum of Earthly Matter in Lanzarote, they suspiciously vanished without trace in what is considered the greatest storm ever, The Great Storm of 1987. The ponte occulte océanique éponges were redeposited to an unknown location, thought to be gone forever.


ONLY recently scientists and researchers and exobiologists have discovered the mystery and mystique behind these majestic treasures. Extra-terrestrial secretion accumulated in the microscopic cracks of the ponte occulte océanique éponges proves, beyond doubt, that the ponte occulte océanique éponges travelled through space and time on the exhaust pipe of the Soyuz rocket, remained suspended on the washing line of the International Space Station because making the death defying voyage back to earth in the brains of the first alien life to enter the Earth’s atmosphere; The Middleton Family in 2001.


IT is believed that this led to the development of what we now call today the Internet.



Materials: silicon, plaster, resin, silver, rock, wax

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