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Collection of rocks from mysterious sources presented in the school's museum.

After reading Baudrillard's System of Objects, I became interested in how an object is elevated because of the notion of the antique. This came about after seeing Damien Hirst's exhibition, I wanted to further this with the creation of narrative similar to Hirst's but taking it further into the world of absurdity and fantasy.

The materials listed next to each object describe their materials. From top left to bottom right:

Enzomatic Secretion Galatia 1

Un pièce des calanques

Resin, silver powder


24 Carat gold

Lindt Dark Chocolate 84%

This is the text included next to the work.

I find it especially interesting to play around with humour (which I hope i'm achieving a little bit of here) and reality. I'm interested in ideas of trust around institutions like a museum.

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