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Showing Up

serf Project Space, Leeds

7 February 2020

Group show with Freehold Projects members: 

Henry Cottam, Jack Pell, Jenny Handley, Joshua Pell, Lewis Blanch, Megan Clay-Dennis, Ollie Getley, Sam Lanchin, Sophie Bullen, Sunny Vowles, Toby Kilby-Pollard, Wes Foster. 

Taking up the offer of an exhibition at serf, another artist-led space, provides an opportunity to consider how and why we work together as an organising group. By channeling our energy into a new activity, namely a football match, we explore the potentials of a ‘group show’ as well as how we create our sense of identity as Freehold Projects.

This process may also be used to consider self-organisation more widely. As both an exercise in collaboration and procrastination, Showing Up, weighs up the benefits of playing team sports against those of running a public space. Whilst one may feel productive and provides a sense of gratification, the other can be seen as a happy distraction that requires merely showing up. Although we remain unsure which is which, Showing Up provides this space on which to reflect.

Photos: Sam Hutchinson

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